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Saturday, December 10, 2011 update/improvements

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For the past few weeks I have been on updating, or more accurately, improving The idea for the improvements started back in August when I bought my ASUS Eee Pad aka ANDROID TRANSFORMER tablet. It has two cameras - a back facing high definition camera and a lower resolution front facing camera. I think you know where I am going with this.
Because the quality of the video, including the sound, rivals that of professional audio/visual equipment made me think of using it to video record the guest presentations at our monthly "Breakfast With Fran Tarkenton" business networking event. These video recordings will be posted to my account and linked to's guest speaker detail page. This required me to restore a feature that was lost when the site was migrated from the servers running on my home computer to servers last year. It turns out my servers were running more advanced versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP. Besides NETFIRMS were using openBSD (a form of BSD UNIX) and I am using openSUSE Linux. These differences prevented the guest details page links from working. This caused me to combine the guest details page with a redesigned events page.
In September I did a "live" test by taping guest speaker Boszenna Nowiki, recorded on Thursday Sep. 29, 11. As a temporary fix I used Google's Friend Connect social networking video commenting widget to add the video to the past guest speakers/events page. But the videos would not correspond with or appear next to the appropriate guest speaker. I needed to resurrect the original guest details page so the video could be added to it. Then recently I learned that Google is planning to shut down Friend Connect and Buzz replacing them with Google PLUSONE social networking and the G+ button. This means that at some point in the new year the video comment widget will disappear taking the guest presentations with it.
Mean while, NETFIRMS were bought by a company in Boston. They migrated NETFIRM's servers to their own Debian Linux servers. This meant that it would be possible to resurect the guest details page after all. Then a couple weeks ago I decided to upgrade my IBM/Lenovo Think T60 laptop by replacing the 80 GB hard drive with a 500 GB hard drive (I already increased the RAM from 1.5 GB to 3 GB earlier this year), upgrade the operating system to openSUSE 12.1 from 11.2 which resulted in Apache, MySQL and PHP would be upgraded to the latest versions also. Next, NetBeans the IDE (integrated developement environment) needed to be re-installed. I decided to get the latest version - 7.1.
NetBeans is a very powerful development application. Besides alerting the user to code errors (JAVA, HTML, XHTML, PHP, etc) the latest version will also help the user by providing suggestions on how to correct the errors. This allowed me to make the necessary corrections to make dynamic links work on NETFIRMS servers.
 To make the site more interesting and provide useful resources from around the world to Toronto area businesses, four of my newspapers were added to the site. These four papers has their own page and cover business, entertainment, health & wellness and technology.

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