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Monday, October 17, 2011

Become a newspaper publisher the way

A few months ago I discovered It is a great web api for curating content from Twitter and Facebook. My first paper was The world according to Spyc1 follow by Toronto Business according to Spyc1 a few weeks later.

Within days of launching my first paper, I notices a jump in followers on Twitter. When I started my second paper, the rate of new followers increased even more. Yesterday, I started three more newspapers - Health & Wellness by Spyc1, Technology according to Spyc1 and Toronto Entertainment by Spyc1. Four of these newspapers covers topics that are dear to me - business (especially self-employment and e-commerce), health, entertainment and technology. My first newspaper, The world according to Spyc1, was an experiment to see how could be used. The experiment was so successful it has solidly branded me as Spyc1.

The way works is very cleaver. Once it is authorized to access a Twitter account time line, it scans all tweets for web links, analyze, categorize and publish the tweets in a newspaper style format. also archives each publication allowing anyone to view tweets from when the Twitter user starts using So in a way, has become an archive of Twitter users' time-lines.

People interested in having an online income may find useful for promoting their online endeavours. As I observed above, the number of new followers will increase. These followers will be exposed to your endeavours. They will be more likely to take part in your endeavour as you were willing to promote their interest - publishing their tweet in your newspaper. is also being used by an advisor to the Toronto Police Services and other police agencies to promote social media and social networking to fight crime both online and off-line. An example of how is being used to help police may be seen here - The #tacop Daily. As a reader scans the titles, they see news stories from all over the world. Stories that honour cops for their deeds, how people's lives has been changed as well as best practices for police agencies on how to use social media.

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