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Sunday, December 22, 2013

I must have pissed of the Canadian, Chinese and US governments really badly

I must have pissed of the Canadian, Chinese and US governments really badly. I have been fairly active on Twitter, Facebook and, to a lesser degree, G+ pushing for a stop to Keystone XL pipeline, genetically modified foods and Monsanto's control of the US Food and Drug Administration. I have also been active in discussions regarding the Affordable Care Act (also known as ACA or ObamaCare) on G+.

My position on these topics are opposite to +Barack Obama's position. In fact, my view is that Obama's policies will:
  1. Create a police state
  2. Increase the rates of cancer
  3. Decrease our choices for health care
  4. Increase global warming
  5. Turn US military and police personnel into zombies like in the movies Resident Evil (all), Robocop and Dawn of the Dead
In one of my recent posts, I even posted "The CIA developed mind control techniques that have been used around the world. The most famous in recent times were the G20 summit riots in Toronto." in this discussion. What is too much of a coincidence is that since posting that message in that discussion just before the weekend, all my email addresses and websites hosted by GreenHost It were deleted on Saturday morning (December 21, 2013 at approximately 05:00 E.T.). This is the second time a site of mine was deleted. Before that, both wordpress blogs were defaced, again after posting comments that were opposed to Obama.

Is it just a coincidence that whenever I make comments that points out to Americans how the Obama government is creating an environment where big corporations like Monsanto, Exxon/Mobile and big Pharma gets to poison the environment, the food supply chain and drugs that promotes cancer so a small group of people may profit from human suffering, that my domains and now email accounts get hacked? I do not think so. I am now convinced Obama, working the Chinese and Canadian governments are trying to censure me.

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