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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Paper-li and I

In my article Philip Ramsey: Become a newspaper publisher the way on Monday October 17, 2011 I talked about the merits of and how it helped me increase my Twitter following.

In the past few weeks, my Toronto Entertainment by Spyc1 has helped me reconnect with TRiSH as well as connect with Lee Carlon and Jesse Heiman.

TRiSH is an impressive singer, song writer and all round great performer based in Toronto. She released her latest single "Up There" on YouTube. Since we follow each other, her post appeared in my Toronto Entertainment by Spyc1. We exchanged a few tweets then I just happened to mention that I would like to see her in concert. TRiSH replied a day or two later that she would be appearing that weekend at the West Won Festival. She was one of the last acts to appear on stage but the wait was worth it. Seeing TRiSH appear live was awesome.

I met Lee Carlon, an author, and Jesse Heiman, an extra in TV, movies and commercials, via Twitter and Both their tweets were picked up by my Toronto Entertainment by Spyc1 daily. Lee Carlon was announcing his latest book A God-Blasted Land: The Bastard Cadre #1 on Amazon while Jesse had tweeted about his documentary JESSE HEIMAN: World's Greatest Extra Documentary that he is making.

Without enhancing the power of Twitter I would not have been able to keep in touch with TRiSH, whom I met a few years ago, nor meet Lee nor Jesse. Most online marketeers and online businesses knows they need a presence on the social networks but to really benefit from Twitter and Facebook, they need a way to curate their time line in a way that is both public and accessible. Keep in mind will only post to your Twitter feed to announce your latest edition of your paper. It will not publish to your Facebook news feed. Also keep in mind will not publish all your tweets on Twitter nor all your posts on Facebook. It only publishes tweets and posts that meets your criteria and also contains links to articles on other websites.

So if you simply want a way to curate your own time line that is arranged in chronological order or you want to publish an interesting and useful paper with sources from Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds, is the way to go. You may even make new friends along the way.

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