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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Report Details Hacks Targeting Google, Others

This article on sheds more light on the Google hack attack. It also reveals that thousands of corporations and government agencies has been successfully breached. I, too, have been targeted since Christmas for some reason. In my case the hackers have been forging my Gmail address to spam me with phishing attacks (I guess this is called spear phishing). In all incidents the web addresses that supposedly selling Viagra at deep discounts without a prescription (in Canada it is sold by prescription only) is registered with a registrar in China called China Springboard. Another similarity in all the attacks on me is the fact the messages and web sites uses remote graphics hosted on that creates the impression the web site is a "Canadian Pharmacy" site.

In this other article on the security researchers gives a bit more details on how the hackers targeted their victims, stealing their email passwords by using very smart malware. They also mentioned that in the Google attack, friends and associates of Google employees on social networking sites were used to attack Google.

It appears these attacks are most successful on Windows systems using Internet Explorer (versions 6.xx and higher). To protect yourself, you should be using Linux (64 bit Linux is the most secure). If you must use Windows, I recommend using Mozilla Seamonkey or Mozilla Firefox web browsers. A very good alternative is Opera.
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