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Sunday, June 13, 2010

ScribeFire blogging tool

As a user of Netscape/Mozilla Internet Suite/Seamonkey web browser and email software since 1994, I have seen many enhancements in security, stability and features. Then came Firefox whose popularity threatened the demise of Mozilla/Seamonkey package. However, Firefox user's profile are significantly different to the Netscape/Mozilla/Seamonkey user's profile as Firefox is based originally on Mosaic while Netscape/Mozilla/Seamonkey is based on Gecko.

Because Firefox is based on Mosaic, it is very similar to it's distant cousin Internet Explorer (which is also based on Mosaic). However, Firefox has a few major difference to Internet Explorer - it is more secure and less likely to install malware on the users computer without the user's consent or knowledge. When Mozilla Foundation decided to differentiate Firefox from Internet Explorer they created plugins - small applets that extends the capabilities of the browser. Mozlla Foundation, I guess, was hoping Mozilla/Seamonkey user base would adopt Firefox because of the plugins. Instead, we demanded that plugins be developed/adapted for Seamonkey as well.

One of these plugins is ScribeFire blogging tool. ScribeFire allows Firefox/Seamonkey users to write commentary on any web page they encounter and post the comment on their own blog with links back to the original article. I have found this tool very useful and have used it many times (including for this post).

One of the features I discovered just now is the ability to add "Category" or keyword tags to the blog post (helps searchbots to rank the blog entry in search results). It also displays Categories used in previous posts to the blog the user is posting to. ScribeFire may be installed easily in Firefox or Seamonkey by clicking on Tools -> Add-on Manager (Seamonkey) or Tools -> Add-on (Firefox), select Get Add-ons. If ScribeFire does not show up in the list just type ScribeFire in the search box and click the magnify icon. When ScribeFire appears in the list highlight it to display the install button. Click "install" then click "Restart browser name" when prompted to complete the installation.

Once ScribeFire is installed and the browser restarts, you will be taken to ScribeFire's web site where you will be provided with useful information and a list of compatible browsers. If you are an avid blogger and use Seamonkey, Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari web browsers you may be interested in this blogging tool.

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