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Thursday, June 17, 2010

WIPmania - WorldIP free geolocation database, service and tools

WIPmania - WorldIP free geolocation database, service and tools provides a group of useful tools and plug-ins for Mozilla based browsers like Firefox, Seamonkey and Safari as well as plug-ins for web services. The most notable service is the physical geographical location of web servers and their database servers of visited sites.

The WorldIP plugin displays your local IP address, the IP address of the you are visiting, the name of the hosting/database provider and the country the server is located in. I envision this plugin will be useful for identifying phishing web sites used in identity theft and credit card fraud. Since the vast majority of identity theft and credit card fraud occurs with web sites hosted by China Springboard and similar web hosting services located in China, this plugin will help users identify fraudulent sites used to steal banking, credit card and other personal information simply by looking lower right browser window to see the IP address, web host/database provider and country where the site is located. To display more detailed information about the site you are visiting just hover your mouse over the IP address and a pop-up tool tip appears with the details. Whois searches and other features may also be activated by right clicking on the IP address.











Check out for the full list of features of the plugin and services offered.

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